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Why your business needs a recruitment agency now more than ever

With the start of 2022 already presenting challenges for employers, here’s how a recruitment agency can help businesses mitigate hiring-related

Why employees need more than just ‘right to disconnect’ laws

In the age of the smartphone, it’s often hard to switch off after work. While ‘right to disconnect’ legislation is

Creative Niche refreshes its brand for the modern times

As the recruitment industry continues to evolve, so do we. Welcome to a new era of Creative Niche – like

How the pandemic has shaped our boundaries at work

After a challenging 20-months in the workplace, boundaries are vital to help maintain a healthy work/life balance

Five qualities every great recruiter should have

From motivation to empathy, these are the skills to look for when choosing to the right recruiter

What is “workplace ghosting”? And how to prevent it

Ghosting, once a thing of the dating world, is now happening to employers who are being dumped by employees without