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Think of today’s biggest brands, emerging startups, and brightest agencies—those are our clients. We’re here to help you work with the best full-time and freelance marketing, creative, tech, and advertising talent. Remote and on-site—of course.


Focus on what you do best and leave the rest to us. We’re here to uncover your skills, unleash your potential, and match you with companies with freelance, contract, remote, and on-site work. Make the most of your experience—tell us what interests you the most, and we’ll find the opportunities.


As they say, teamwork makes the dream work. Your career is no exception. Our expert recruiters are here to help you gain clarity and confidence on what works best for you, including pros and cons for prospective sectors and companies as well as compensation.

Executive Search

Creative Niche Executive Search is an award-winning practice specializing in tech, marketing, digital, advertising and design.

As a result of our success and positive impact on businesses and careers, we have been recognized by Forbes as one of the best executive search firms in the US.

Why Creative Niche

We Build Careers

There’s always a path not yet taken, explored, or challenged. We’re here to help you take the next step.

Partner Perks

Our network can take advantage of discounts and perks with great companies like Goodlife, Bike Share Toronto and Willful.

A Wealth of Experience

For 20 years, we’ve helped our candidates grow in their careers. We’re here to pass that experience along to you.


Access to our amazing clients that include award-winning agencies, scaling startups, and internationally recognized brands.

Total Pros

Matching you with a place that fits your skills, talent, and potential is our priority. It’s never about anything less.

Generous Referral Bonus

Good people know good people. Send a successful candidate our way, and you’ll receive a one-time referral bonus of $100 to $1000*, depending on the position filled.

Job Board

Find the work you love among the list of roles we are currently filling on behalf of exceptional companies looking for talent like yours.​

Join Our Roster

Settling isn’t in our DNA. We’re here to find you a role that fits your talent. Let us get to know you, so when the time comes, we can say, “We know the perfect person!”

Referral Program

Help spread the word! If you refer someone and they make a successful match, you’ll receive a one-time referral bonus of $100 to $1000.

Creative Conversations

Gain career insights from leading and interesting professionals from the marketing, tech, advertising, and design space.

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