Social Media Coordinator

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Role Summary

Looking for a Social Media Coordinator. In this role, you will use your passions for marketing, problem-solving, and interacting with customers to monitor and proactively respond to prospective and existing players across our range of Social Media channels.


  1. Experience working in social media marketing or a social media customer service role
  2. A high level of organizational skills with the ability to handle a large volume of player engagement, often juggling multiple tasks throughout the day
  3. Impeccable communication skills, especially written communication
  4. Strong computer literacy


  1. Monitor and track customer sentiment across all Social Media platforms using tools provided
  2. Assist in the selection and remuneration of competition winners across Social Media platforms
  3. Identify, develop and maintain relationships with highly engaged players across social media channels
  4. Liaise with Marketing and Customer Service teams to optimize communications with players

Salary Range   40K-45K