Media Buyer

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Role Summary

In this role, you will be responsible for negotiating and planning the media buying strategy across digital and traditional mediums – including social media, print, television, etc.


  1. 3+ years of experience in media buying
  2. Strong knowledge of performance evaluation tools such as Google Analytics and math proficiency skills
  3. Experience with buying media on multiple platforms (Google, Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Amazon, Native ads, etc.)
  4. Strong analytical skills and the ability to combine and/or cross-reference data from multiple platforms using MS Excel and other analytical tools


  1. Prepare media buying strategies that can be clearly articulated to your team and clients with definable goals
  2. Manage media buying campaigns across various platforms
  3. Collaborate with creative teams to enhance campaign assets as needed
  4. Manage certain client relationships and participate in client meetings/discussions

Salary Range   $50K-60K