eCommerce, Director

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Role Summary

In this role, you will be responsible for developing and implementing strategic marketing plans including web-based marketing initiatives, social media, development of databases, and overseeing all legal requirements and full P&L responsibility. All while staying abreast of changes in the online eCommerce environment, to best serve the objectives of the Company.


  1. Establish, document, and uphold policies and procedures that will develop a culture of continuous improvement
  2. Plan, collaborate and oversee the execution of the Digital Graphic Design team to support weekly or monthly updates onsite and in-app
  3. Work closely with the Buying and Allocations teams to ensure stock levels support sales targets
  4. Develop and maintain the eCommerce roadmap based on current industry best practices and trends


  1. All site sales and conversion; ensuring they are meeting goals and objectives
  2. Build weekly, monthly and annual sales projections, tracking and reforecasting as needed
  3. Drive revenue and profitability of the eCommerce business to meet and/or exceed growth plans
  4. Providing training, guidance, and support in the development of concepts, strategies, planning, implementation, and coordination of eCommerce marketing projects

Salary Range   100K-125K