Design Director

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Role Summary

As Design Director, you will be responsible for leading a dedicated team of designers and elevating business objectives through visual design, including developing comprehensive multi-channel brand design systems.


  1. Bachelor’s/post-secondary degree in design, fine arts, or another creative field
  2. 10+ years of professional experience in designing, developing, and managing corporate, retail, and consumer brands
  3. Inclusive leadership skills with the ability to build and develop a high performing design team that effectively anticipates and responds to disruption
  4. Broad knowledge and experience of how brands can visually manifest in-store, print, user interfaces, content, and advertising across the retail ecosystem


  1. Translate brand purpose and objectives into world-class design frameworks
  2. Take responsibility for the quality of in-house, freelance, and partner’s projects
  3. Manage and mentor a team of visual designers
  4. Create design solutions that positively impact NPS and the customer experience

Salary Range   $120K-175K