Conversion Rate Optimization Manager

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Role Summary

Looking for a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Manager to improve lead generation and sales conversion rates on clients’ websites through end-to-end management of the conversion optimization process. The successful applicant will have a proven track record of how to research, plan, implement, manage & report on successful projects.


  1. Create conversion optimization strategies using both qualitative (page evaluations, UX design principles, site reviews) and quantitative (traffic source analysis, web analytics tools) sources
  2. Participate in or lead weekly client progress meetings during which you will report results, make recommendations, and assist clients in understanding the chosen strategies and what available information was used to aid in strategic decisions
  3. Troubleshoot and spot existing issues with optimization test set-ups and present results internally or externally through the production of high-quality documentation
  4. Identify and suggest ways to improve efficiencies, e.g. help us “work smarter”


  1. Deep understanding of conversion/persuasion best practices and the ability to apply that knowledge to client projects
  2. Familiarity with conversion optimization testing tools such as LiveBall, Optimizely, SiteSpect, Test & Target, Optimizely, Unbounce
  3. Copywriting skills, particularly the ability to write compelling value propositions
  4. Advanced understanding of Web analytics such as Google Analytics, Adobe Omniture

Salary Range   70k-85k