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Looking for advice on improving your leadership skills? Need some help retaining top level talent? Curious about today’s job trends? You’ve come to the right place. Niche News has got all the insights and advice you’re looking for.
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From fresh ideas to insider tips, learn about the latest happenings from the Creative Niche team! You’ll get an inside peek at what’s going on behind the scenes at our busy headquarters in Toronto.

If you’re looking to improve employee retention, strengthen your company culture, or just learn how to showcase your talent to today’s top employers, our team is sharing all you need to know (and more!) to put your best foot forward.
Gilbert Inc

Our founder, Mandy Gilbert, shares her best tips, hacks, and life lessons in her weekly column in Inc Magazine. Designed for entrepreneurs and leaders, you’ll gain access to Mandy’s valuable insights on how to handle the most common issues facing today’s managers and thought leaders.
Hiring for an executive-level role can be one of the more challenging positions to fill for any organization. It’s a
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We all need a fresh perspective from time to time, but finding the right source of inspiration can be a
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Hiring freezes are thawing. Here's what to ask of your recruitment firm in 2020. Ready for some good news? Across
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People are looking to you for reassurance, clarity, and strength. Leaders, it's time to deliver. Challenges in business are expected.
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From becoming champions of workplace messaging platforms like Slack to becoming ever so familiar with the unspoken rules of Zoom
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Whether you have intended to or not, conscious and unconscious decisions happen in the hiring process well before an all-star
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Sit back, relax, enjoy the flight, and get inspired by these business leaders. While so many professionals count on their time
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Lose the PowerPoint, because that snooze-worthy presentation is costing you big time. Even if you have never completely dozed off
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You may think you're checking off all the boxes, but great leadership requires humility and self-reflection. Whether you're new to
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